Strawberry Days Association 2017

Lisa Young 801-735-9859
lyoung68@gmail.comResponsibilities: Parade, Boutique, Concert in the Park
Carnival – Pam Melendez

City Liaison, Logistics:
Deon Giles 801-404-1088
Responsibilities: Maintenance, Set up, Clean up, Facility Management, Etc.

Rodeo Chair:
Deny Farnsworth 801-310-1999
Responsibilities: PRCA Rodeo

Rodeo Vice Chair:
Codey Lindsay 801-836-0890

Sponsorship Chair:
Jackson Jones 801-602-3328
Responsibilities: Sponsorship Management

Jason Hunter 801-494-9557
Responsibilities: Finances, Budgets, Bank Account, etc.

Amy Lundell 801-860-6889
Responsibilities: Agendas, Minutes, etc.

Terry Marchbanks 801-361-7828
Responsibilities: Pageant, Little Miss, Princess Party, Float etc.

Concessions Committee Chair:
Scott Fugal 801-787-5075

Concessions Committee:
Jay Fugal 801-854-8261

Todd Fugal 801-885-2728

Lisa Coombs 801-360-5377

Kim Griffin 801-822-1666

Debbie Hong 801-735-6753

Trina Ward 801-796-8100

Ra’Shelle Wilson 801-706-0469

Natalie Taylor 801-361-3792
Responsibilities: Parade, Staging, etc

Arts Commission Representative:
Sheri Britsch 801-885-8522
Responsibilities: Children’s Photo Contest, Children’s Art Contest and DUP Storytime

Children’s Parade:
Lee Edwards 801-400-4363
Responsibilities: Children’s Parade, Elementary Relay Races and Car Show

Pleasant Grove City Council Liaison:
Cyd LeMone 801-318-2856

Pleasant Grove Fire Department Rep:
Chief Dave Thomas O: 801-922-4534 C: 801-318-1913
Responsibilities: Guns and Hoses Race and Safety School support

Pleasant Grove City Police Department Rep:
Sgt. Carl Nielson 801-404-3929
87 E 100 S Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062
Responsibilities: Guns and Hoses Race and Safety School support

Scott Darrington 801-391-5130

Mandy Carson 801-860-0295
Responsibilities: Huck Finn activities, Pet show, Baby contest, Entertainment, Pie eating contest etc.

IT Support:
Trent Bowen 801-372-1230
Responsibilities: Website

Mary Burgin 801-372-2074
Responsibilities: Magazine

Pleasant Grove Recreation Liaison:
Tyler Wilkins 801-362-5319
Responsibilities: Free Family Swim, Tennis tournament, 4×4 Volleyball, Golf Tournament (with Derek Scoville), Zumba, Pickleball

Cat Poulson 801-361-6831

Pleasant Grove City Beautification Liaison:
Kathy Watkins 801-319-2114
Responsibilities: Garden Tour

Pleasant Grove City Beautification Liaison:
Kelly Ovard 801-589-3394

Responsibilities: Old Rec Tours
Pleasant Grove City Historical Committee
Karen Harbold 801-830-9989
Responsibilities: Old Rec Celebration (2017 only)