The Strawberry Days Association is pleased to invite you to our celebration June 16 thru June 24.
The parade is Saturday, June 23 at 10 am.
THEME – Rooted in the Past, Building for the Future

Parade Entry From
Queen’s Information Sheet
Liability Waiver

1  – Application deadline is Friday, June 2nd
2  – Read and sign that you will obey the rules of the parade.  If the person filling out the application will be sending other people then please inform all participants of the rules.
3 – Every participant in the parade must sign a waiver.

The parade route will begin at Pleasant Grove High School, (700 E 200 S.)  All entries will enter at the bottom of the High School parking lot, off of Locust Avenue (approximately 450 E 250 S).  Then travel west down 200 S to 100 E.  Turn Left go 1 block, turn right, go 1 block then turn right onto Main street.  Travel North down Main street to Center Street.  Turn left and travel West down center until the railroad tracks.  Turn right after the railroad tracks into the parking lots available. All horse trailers are encouraged and welcome to park at the Eagles building on 600 W. Do not encourage people on horses to cross State Street and ride to the rodeo grounds.  This is too dangerous!


  1.  No one will be allowed to drive up the staging area of the parade except the actual entries. This also includes all parents dropping off their dancers, karate kids, decorating cars, people dropping off water bottles etc.  Parents will not be allowed to drive into the line-up staging area. 2.
  2. Nothing can be thrown from an entry. Please notify all participants of this rule. We encourage you to walk along the sides and hand out flyers, candy etc. but no throwing. No water guns, or ballooning. Please don’t throw anything for your safety and liability as well as those of the viewers.If your entry requires dancing, karate, cheering etc. please plan your routines in a manner that has constant forward motion. There will be no stopping for unloading, performing a routine and starting again. This will cut down on the complaint of gaps as well, insure the safety of your participants during loading and unloading. Officers will exit any entries not complying at the nearest corner.

3.  There will be no vehicles larger than a truck pulling a small trailer. No 18 wheel vehicles.

4.  The Parade Committee reserves the right to screen and either accept or reject any entry. Failure to comply with the rules of the parade may result in your dismissal from the parade

5.  Businesses are not entered in the parade until we receive your entry fee. $150 for all businesses located outside of Pleasant Grove. Waived fees apply to official sponsors                    of the Strawberry Days Celebration, bands and city mammoth floats!  If you do not have a Pleasant Grove or Lindon business license, it will cost $150.

6.  Bands must have at least 50 members for a reimbursement or donation.

Be lined up ready to go by 9:15 am

Judging will occur at 9:15 am Mayor’s Choice, Best Business, Queen’s Choice and Sweepstakes

Bands, please pull your buses to the front of the Pleasant Grove High School (700 E 200 S) to unload and prepare.

All entries will receive an email notifying them of their number.  This email will come June 18.   You can also refer to this paper for details.  At that time you will be given your entry number along with specific information for the Saturday parade.

Submissions are not given entry numbers based on when they apply.  We have 20 years of past line ups and try hard to rotate numbers based on past numbers.  First people that apply will not be first.   This is a community parade.  Pleasant Grove City Mayor, queen, band, school will be first!  Then other entries.

If you have any questions please contact:

Lisa Young: 801-735-9859/
Natalie Taylor: 801-785-5398

We look forward to seeing you.


Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Parade Committee

*Entry application due: Friday June 2nd!