Having the opportunity to serve as Strawberry Days queen was an amazing opportunity I am very grateful for. Pleasant Grove truly has one of the best rodeos in the state of Utah! The royalty has the job of promoting the rodeo, community and the sponsors. I also had the opportunity to take Strawberry pies to all the local town mayors. I am so grateful for this opportunity to build self-confidence and later become Miss Rodeo Utah and finish in the top 10 at Miss Rodeo America. I was able to use my scholarships for school and have an awesome career in marketing. I proudly display my Strawberry Days saddle!

Being in Strawberry Days last year was absolutely fantastic! They treated the royalty absolutely amazing and I was so proud to be a part of such an amazing tradition! They deserve to have a great royalty representing them this year! And our rodeo queen community deserves the chance to be a part of such an amazing rodeo and Strawberry Days family!

I have been around this particular rodeo and community my whole life. I have always thought the ladies that held the title were the best of the best. Strawberry Days royalty always held to a very high standard. I’ve watch so many go onto represent the state of Utah, the Wilderness Circuit and beyond. Rodeo, cowboys the western way of life are all slowly “dying” We need to do what we can now to keep the traditions going as long as we can. Future generations deserve to learn the values of the western lifestyle. The ladies running for the royalty position deserve the chance to learn and grow as the generations before did. There is so much more to the lifestyle than what the eye sees. Its family, love, respect, friendships, values and so much more. The sport of rodeo needs to live on! ***The Legacy Lives On!***
As a former Strawberry Days Queen, I know the impact the amazing women who held the Strawberry Days title before me had on my life. As a little girl, I had the opportunity to attend the Strawberry Days Rodeo with my family every year. As the action unfolded in the arena in front of me, my eyes were not fixed on the bucking chutes or roping box, they were fixed on the beautiful, confident women who sparkled and reigned over the action. They inspired me. I worked hard and had the opportunity to serve in the Strawberry Days Jr. Royalty when I was thirteen. That experience forced me to speak in front of crowds, answer questions at a live radio broadcast, and share the story of Strawberry Days and the community of Pleasant Grove. It also lit a fire in me to do my best as a representative of the organization. I learned how special the Strawberry Days family is. Several years after my time in the Junior Royalty; after learning to set goals, work with diligence, and overcome obstacles, I was blessed to be crowned the Strawberry Days Rodeo Queen. That experience poised me for the rest of my life. I had the chance to attend city council meetings to share the Strawberry Days events, help with charitable outreach programs, and work as an advocate for the committee. I developed the ability to speak intelligently with any group and the confidence to share my love for the western way of life. I access those skills on a daily basis as I instruct courses in agricultural education at Texas A&M University. I have watched with pride as Strawberry Days has continued to support brilliant, talented women to represent the rodeo each year. Rodeo queens, when they are doing their job right, give a voice to the sport; they bridge the gap between the spectators and the industry. A well-spoken rodeo queen can calm critics, inform the misinformed, and inspire a whole new generation of rodeo fans. Simply put, I am grateful for the opportunity I had to be a part of the tradition of Strawberry Days, and know without a shadow of a doubt that quality rodeo royalty play a large role in the success of any PRCA event.
I was never the Strawberry Days Queen but I was an attendant for Strawberry Days for two years. It gave me experience and paved the way for me to later become Miss Rodeo Utah and a top ten finalist in the Miss Rodeo America pageant. It was quite an accomplishment for me, having been the little girl who used to hide behind my mother’s skirt because I was too shy to interact with people and was definitely not one for public speaking. Going to city council meetings to speak in front of groups and invite people to Strawberry Days may have been the golden ticket to help me win public speaking two years in a row at Miss Rodeo Utah. I will never be able to repay the queen/rodeo committees, family, and friends that served to help my dreams come true but I try to give back when I can. I do the scheduling for my state’s rodeo pageant and I can’t imagine not sending her to participate in the Grand Entry at Strawberry Days, a tradition where girls with the same dream can line up from one end of the arena to the other, side by side to promote their local rodeo and the western way of life. Rodeo is alive and well because we have held on to our traditions and because there are so many wonderful people that are willing to give their time to better their communities and make young people’s dreams come true.